Sunday, May 3, 2009

man oh man oh man!

Here it is!

I promised a while ago (well, i promised myself anyway) that i would post these pictures. Well anyways, take a deep breath boys and girls, and say hello to the car every man should at least drive once - the 2009 Ford Mustang!

Shown here with the classic pony crest up front. *gleams*

And in the back as well. . . . . . . (the GT model has the letters GT in place of the pony above. . .

The sleek and slightly raised back designed to increase the forward torque in motion. I don't know about that - but it makes it damn nice to look at for sure!

The front has the typical arched brow, a concept added to many modern cars (think BMW roadsters, the new mitsubishi lancer), which invokes a very neanderthal image of strngth. But i like how the 2009 mustang has very minimal strokes, and very blunt yet clean arches and cuts to make it really look strong and gets the right amount of head turns without being terribly obnoxious. It's like . . . "I'm a mustang. Now look the other way bub!"

Also very much desired is the vanity mustang font on the side (as if people did not already know). Its like a less attention-grabbing version of the drag strip paint job that goes from the hood to the trunk.

Well honestly i am definitely not a gear head. But the car has the 'rev rev' and 'vroom vroom' sound that all too much make u feel like wearing a tank top and get a tattoo (yeah maybe a little too extreme an analogy, but u get what i mean!). And the first few gears exhibit a surprising amount of kick, and jsut lounge forward with every step of the gas pedal.

All in all - its a mustang! =D

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