Friday, March 27, 2009

[pronounced Row-say]

I went to the Olive Garden for some Italian (pronounced Eye-tar-lee-anh) food. And you know how embarassing it is when they ask you about wine, spout out some funky gibberish and you sit there trying so so so hard to keep a straight face and say 'yes'. . . . hoping its the end of the sentence?


Well, they did serve some good wine with my seafood alfredo, albeit a little ( actually very much so) unsuitable for seafood. But it did taste good! Then it hit me - maybe i should learn up a little about the many different types of wines, instead of settle for white and red as my distinguishing characteristics.

So last weekend, i ventured into Bevmo (think Walmart - but only for wines and beers and liqour) right behind my hotel and decided to start one aisle white and one aisle red. . . . but rose (pronounced row-say) in particular. I bought one sweet variety called muscato - a desert wine, and another which was the rose. I was deciding between this brand [see picture] and the ever so suggestive Menage A Trois (pronounced Mer-nah-jay-tuah). Tats for the next round.

So how does it taste?

I did not particularly like it - but not because it was not good - but rather because i was expecting something a little more fruity. But this baby was in essence more pinot noir than rose. But that's not a bad thing. the first hit is surprisingly plesant - with a hint of sour hit that lasts but for a fraction of time. It's nose is surprisingly sweet, with a flowery hint almost. The main bulk of it is however rather 2-D (but i only paid $9 for it. . . .) with a plesant after taste. However all in all you could almost separate the water part (is this even possible?) from the wine part. Not much of a blend, and not all that sophisticated. But who am i to say? I tell you though, that Principato Rose' was something else!!! Perhaps the threesome (whoops!) will do me better (pun intended).

Can anyone tell me what makes a wine 'dry'? This one i should ask my uncle (or maybe han wei) hahahahaha.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New . . . . . . again!

It was once told to me that some tribal culture never keeps birthdays ( i recall it was eskimos, but i googled it up and saw nothign of the sort - even on wikipedia. So i will leave it ambiguous and slightly presumptious for now.

Anyway, the reason they do this is because they believed that every night when you go to sleep, you actually die. And if you wake up the next day, your soul re-enters your body, and it is a new day of being 'born'.

Recently, i have been thinking long and hard (yet again) about myself, my mistakes and the shortcomings that were, are and are to come. And sometimes it can be VERY VERY VERY overwhelming. But as i spent some time in the jacuzzi ( yes you heard me right - i write my blogs in a jacuzzi!)

But indeed, i came to one point and i prayed and said 'God, would i wake up tomorrow?' If i did, it is a sign of your mercy and a new chance to do things different. The eskimoes were on to something good. =)

And gosh - i know i will screw up again. . . . . . but more and more i realise that every new day is a gift. If we only realised and lived with the keen awareness that the span of time we spend asleep between dusk and dawn really is a magical and mysterious moment of renewal - maybe we would live our lives more 'preciously'.

Simple post. =)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deny Him?

Hey everyone! I am way overdue for pictures, and stories, both here and on facebook.
Gosh i need to catch up - stay tuned then! Will get down to it ASAP?

Lent meditation from 14th March Saturday.

Growing up, I would often think that Peter was such a wuss. But really, as I grew up (and I always say, having more years means more opportunities of self-abasement and loathing, and a greater humility through the many many faults we accumulate) I found that really we all commit this same sin constantly.

And I asked myself – if people saw me today – would I even come close to even being recognized as a disciple of Christ? At least Peter was close enough / lived well enough to Christ to be recognized as a disciple. You have to be associated with Jesus before u can even have the chance to deny Him.

So, would I really be found as one of His by others? The answer does scare me.

Indeed, I have denied Him too in my choices, and in my conduct. God have mercy on me and forgive me and help me through.

I really know many things now - in my own life especially, why God called me back to Malaysia (called? He had to drag me back cause i stubbornly did not want to return. ). I don think i would honestly have been able to survive all the comforts this country has to offer. =)