Monday, October 27, 2008




–verb (used without object) to explore caves, esp. as a hobby.

And as promised here comes an update.

Our first CG outing. After much talk in recent meetings, we finally got our 'cave' on and planned a trip to Gua Tempurung sometime last week. Rep'ed as the largest naturally occuring series of caves in the peninsula, we had many a time talked about going there, but words never made it to miles as someone would always have something on, laundry to do, parents to accompany etc etc (you know how it goes). . . .

But this time 7 of us made it.

This is KC all rev'ing to go . . . . . .
Followed by the Tan sisters (of no relation to me. . . . )
Also along for the ride were Han Wei, Ben and his friend (very close friend apparently) Sze Wei. Anyway, reving up at 7am all good to go, we headed gua-bound, with a quick stop at McD's for breakies.

The pictures above show more or less everyone who came along. Now the last time I went to Gua Tempurung, i recall doing some walking along the metal scaffolding, followed by a final plunge into what at that time i would recount to anyone asking about the 'ordeal' that i had to be partially submerged and got so wet for a bit.

Well this round, we decided to take the course that was more worth our money! Hahahahahaha brace yerselves for the 3.5 hour grand tour!

Immediately we see a group mingling at a make-shift entrance, and do likewise. Then i enquire as to why they all have little yellow stickers on their persons. Then, a ranger quipped that we were part of the grand tour - which immediately starts the trek by jumping into the stream. There go my shoes (Vivian - you wore the shoes all the way til dinner in Ipoh! AWESOME girl! hahahahahaha).

Anyway some shots from inside the cave:

And then about 2 hours ahead - after much crawling and climbing and soaked feet, we get to what we affectionately called a pit stop (yes not the brightest of minds needed to coin this term). Amazing how this little stream was greatly responsible for the crevices and caverns we paid RM22 to see (someone making big money no doubt out of a virtually 'maintenance-free' attraction.

So what was it? We went in at about 11 am - ish, and got out about 230 pm. Karen was essentially right - u pay for the full thing and u never have to go back in again. My shoes that i wash still smell of limestone. =P

Then it was off to Ipoh. And gosh i tell u that was another little adventure. None of us knew where to go - and sorry to say, most of our buddies in Ipoh suck at giving directions. Hahahaha but we found somewhere to eat - near that place that does the famous Kai See hor fun . . . . . . I have no idea what its called. But here are some pictures:

Karen made me take that one 'artistic shot of her in the alleyway. Now why did she have to do the arms folding thing? Hahahahaha.

So yes! Thats the post that took me a while to do. And the good news is i have tons more stuff to write about. For instance. . . notice how Ben's mouth is always open in most of the pictures? Hahahahaha.

Good night everyone.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

another migration

Uh oh there i go again.
Well in its defense, blogspot has nicer fonts. I had so much trouble using the fonts i like on wordpress. So anyway i went from friendster to wordpress and now to blogspot. And anyways its been ages since i wrote anything.

But stuff has been happening. . . .

So my resolution is to update more frequently, in smaller doses.

lets see if this one sticks. . . . .

And for randomness sake. . . .