Thursday, December 18, 2008

They were all right, yet somehow wrong.

My first attempt at poetry. =)
Thanks William for the talk and the inspiration for this.
Limericky cause thats all i know how to write. But i hope the
truth in it does not become too obscure.

This question is common, asked by one, asked by all,
from the seasoned senior, to the ever so small.
What is life? And why am i here?
Oh who would come and make this all clear?

papers and tabloids, are eager to tell us,

that this life is chaotic, and people rebellious.

The Law on the other hand, would have us dearly hold,

that life comes from obeying - doing as you're told.

The musicians and conductors they seem quite sure

that this life's chords are harmonious - like a grand overture.

The scientists proclaim, with proud delight,

that with the right equation, life can be made right.

The soldier on the other hand, would morbidly tell,

that life is but a battlefield, one trench from hell.

The tycoon, the rich with proud, indifferent steps chant,
that life is for possessions, for getting all you want.
But wait - the humanist shouts out his own proclamation -
Life is for the moment; for self gratification.
The explorer who, with map in hand,
would say life is a journey, across sea and land.
The pessimist insists that this question is just foolish.
He says life is a chalkboard, erased when we perish.
Evolutionist would then be brought in to the loop,
and teach us we all came from primordial soup.
Finally the teacher would feel quite elated,
and remind us that it's all a test,soon to be graded.

How can they all be right, yet be ever so so wrong.
How can life's melody, oh so brisk and bright,

also be a doldrum dirge, a funeral song?

We all are overwhlemed when the Day seems to grow bleak,

Corruption, destruction-the strong crushing the weak.

Where some would hold that life is a treasure- to laugh and to smile,

others would quip that's not what's been felt in a while.

But in the end, we all would agree
That the answer comes from quaint Galilee
From a man who, some felt was rather odd,
Went about proclaiming He was the Son of God.
His voice was clear and still strikes us today
Ushering us from the broad to the narrower way.

He said life is for connection, with those around and with Him above!
Life is to be lived solely for Him, therefore life is for Love.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 days to Christmas - a Thai Bush.

Its late but i am determined to write something everyday. =)
The funny thing i immediately noticed about the front page today was that they showed two leaders - one who was coming into power, and one who was being 'shoed' off (lame i know).

So what does this mean for us here during this yuletide season?
Well for one thing, let us look at our Lord's ever so unique beginings.
It never occured to me - since i pretty much grew up around nativity scenes all my life - that if i were to one day come up with my very own savior for a nation, I would not start by letting him come from so dubious a background (try proclaiming you are the Son of God born of a virgin, and running for president a few years later). regardless of how little science they had back then, the whole baby making process was very much known to them. And Virgin births jsut don't fly.

Again, it seems that the headlines for us yesterday sets the background for our savior's birth. Contrary to the traditional image of a peaceful and restful setting, our Lord was born into dire times, where a malicious tyrant targeted his would be succesor by exterminating a whole generation of children. try putting that picture on a Christmas card today. Hallmark meets mortal Kombat methinks. . . .

Again, the Bible is so dependable because it is brutally frank. It can be safe to say that no leader had his beginings quite like Jesus'. If I were the 'author' of the Bible, I would not have had my savior grow up (if i were at all even thinking of tracing his childhood in my 'fabrication') in a stable and in such an obscure background. Perhaps some chance meeting with a great war sage, or a political maestro with volume after volume of structured govermental plans. Yet we see no such thing.
Hi, I'd like you to meet Joseph, a newly married carpenter, father to the promised Messiah, Jesus.
So today we have leaders, celebrities who sell their strengths and even market their lack thereof as good qualities as well. But this One who was Lord of Heaven, who was the Living Word has indeed no equal in all of History.
On the ninth day of Christmas, we remember that Jesus was born with a global leadership, and there has never been and will never be one like Him.
Good night!

Monday, December 15, 2008

10 days to Christmas

Its been a long time i know.
The closest thing I could conjure that would remotely resemble some form of new year resolution would be this 'promise' to write more often. If I am not mistaken, I made a similar commitment on Lets see if blogspot proves more 'adhesive' . . . *snicker*.
Well last Sunday i heard a most moving sermon - relating the murderous efforts of King Herod to exterminate all possible competition to his already paranoid reign over Israel. And his message reminded me that in reality, the birth of Jesus and his infancy was shrouded in death and pain - not necceasrily peace and good will.

This is a message the world needs to hear. That Christmas then was as relevant to us today more than any other time in the course of Human History. Because back then there was injustice and unfairness. And again, this reminds me how the Bible is brutally frank - reminding the world at large that God does not blush or become apologetic or even defensive and insecure - but rather puts Himself right smack in the middle of it all. Indeed - peace on earth and Goodwill to all Men. Amidst the chaos and pain, God sends us a strong message. I am here, I know what goes on and I above all others care the most.

So where is God in the midst of the things that unfold here on our planet? Let me offer my humble views. . . . .

Thinking about it, I remember how in the begining we were made custodians of this earth. This front page story along with the acclaimed landslide tragedy have recently lent a more enviromentalist slant to our daily fare.

And this in turn reminds me that humanity has very often clung on in some ways to that deep rooted guardian-ship of our planet. And also, because of the fall, I am reminded as to how much we have fallen short and continue to ravage and destroy our resources - and destroy each other.

Christ's birth reminds us that apart from His coming and His redemption, we would ultimately have no hope for our own redemption, and the redemption of the Earth. Maybe an extension to this train of thought tomorrow? I set out to write something and i did. Praise God! Hahahahaha.