Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pacific Rim!

Another post long time due. =)

Again, i have fallen victim to clever advertising - this time with a oh so comforting asian montage on the label of the wine. And hey - its a riesling (pronounced reeee-sling). The bottle claims that they are riesling zealots - with good history and a string of accolades for their unique and very asian themed / toned fermentations. yeast is added (kind of like the way they use yeast for beer) to bring out more fruity / full flavors of the riesling grapes, that can be typically dry. To have greater control over the fermentation with said yeast, the wine is spun in a centrifuge, to seperate the denser yeast from the wine (cheh wah - so technical; but who knows if i am crapping?).

The initial aroma is somewhat lacking. Not much character in the initial breath.Taste wise - it is remarkably plesant! the website says it is a combination of pineapple and peach, but i feel the combination thereof leads to a very plum-like taste. This may have something to do with the subliminal impression the purplish label leaves. . . . .

But there is definitely a 'depth' to this taste. Also, the low alcohol content (about 9%) makes it a very easy drink to sip and taste, especially for newbies like me. The first taste is pleasant, followed by a quick pinch of dryness, and a ending note of sweetness, and a lingering after taste of peach. Very distinct.

I must say, a new favorite. =)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


From daily bread devotion, April 15th 2009

"When we forget about ourselves, we do things that others remember."